Boutique Leasing Services

BLS’s industry focus is the leasing and management of assets to the corporate, public and retail sector by way of an operating lease, incorporating a range of value-added products and services.

About Us

Why Choose BLS?


The business model has its roots in years of experience in the fleet management and leasing sector.

Superior Fleet Management

BLS provides superior fleet management services in the market while at the same time embracing developing trends in mobility and alternative energy sources.

Partnering with Clients

Our approach is to provide our clients with fleet cost optimization that is quantifiable throughout the life cycle of all types of vehicles. This is achieved by partnering with our clients in developing innovative end to end fleet solutions that are specific to their business requirements.

Expert Knowledge

Managing a mixed fleet requires expert knowledge, professional focus, and the ability to develop the necessary strategies and diversities that will meet the customer’s operational requirements. Consequently, BLS has the required experience and capacity to deliver on our customers requirements, with the network and strength of the BB Group behind them

Our Business Model

Boutique Leasing Services was an idea brought to realization by a group of industry experts in the leasing and fleet management industry.

It is this convergence of key industry investors and a management team with industry leading experience to establish a leading fleet management and leasing service provider in South Africa, which can add value throughout the entire value chain in the automotive industry.


Strategic Intent

Knowledge & Innovation

The leasing and fleet industry requires very specific skills and expertise. It is therefore imperative to continue investment in knowledge and looking for continuous improvement in solutions for customers.

Know Your Customer

We believe that a close relationship with the customer and its business is key to provide the best solution for
their fleet requirement.

Service Delivery

BLS will exceed customer’s expectations and deliver our contractual and market commitments. For us speed to market is key in fulfilling on this commitment.

Business Sustainability

Focus on new business on channels and offerings that can deliver exponential growth. Long term revenue streams on the back of sustainable products remain key

Low Cost Base

Implement an operating model with a structurally low cost base that will scale effectively through organic growth and potential are customer acquisitions.

Readiness For Change

BLS remain ready and focused to capitalise on any new developments and opportunities that we encounter, ensure that we execute on a decision swiftly.

Governance & Legislation

BLS operates according to SA Legislation and is governed by NCR.
We will remain focused on fair conduct with customers (TCF) and adhere to POPIA & KYC.


Providing specialised and tailor made fleet management services to our selected target market, to create the lowest operating cost.


Through the utilisation of leading experts in the market to enable the best fleet solutions in the industry.


A “Can-do” attitude.
A friendly and helpful approach in support of all customer interaction.
A culture of integrity and transparency.
Personalised service placing the customer centre of our priorities.

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BLS’s value proposition is designed to provide a flexible end to end solution in line with the complete operational requirements of their customer.

The most exciting part, however, is the pursuit of achieving optimized efficiencies in determining which boutique of services meets the customer’s objectives, both financially and operationally.

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